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Heading West Summer Radio Show

Kriz Rogers’ radio show “Heading West Sommarspecial” will be aired on Countrykanalen on the following dates:

August 15, August 17 and August 20, 2014

The time for all broadcasts for this show is 5 pm CEDT Time and that is 10 am CDT.

Link to listen 

Kriz Rogers paid tribute to Anthony Sandi August 10

Nashville lost another of it’s own musical talents and music supporters in Anthony Sandi. The Memorial was well attended, tears were shed and through music, poems and speech loving thoughts shared. The attendees were Ginny and Marty (hosts), Karen Wheeler (emcee), Keeli Kelly (Speaker) Dottie and Glenn D. Tubb, June Stearns, Kayton Roberts, Jerry Foster, Jerry K. Green, Pam Belford, Guy Gilchrist, Sam Cooper, Joe Rucker, Diane Gentes, J.C Ward, Jennifer Brantley and David Hand, Amanda Cornett, Jamie Wayz, Kriz Rogers and family members and friends of above mentioned performers.

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